Tech Drone League 2018 1. Stage Race will be held on 16-17 June 2018 at Forum Istanbul Shopping Mall.

Organizator: TDL Drone Sports Club

Adres: Maslak Mah. Sogutozu Sk. No:20 Agaoglu Maslak 1453 Nisantasi University Neotech Campus Sariyer / Istanbul TURKEY
GSM: 0530 261 55 00 / 0530 666 77 66 / 0535 309 57 41

Competition Branch: UAV, Quadcopters

Competition Category: Individual / Club

Conditions for participation in the competition:

  1. Having a THSF (Turkey Air Sports Federation) UAV Pilot License given from Youth and Sports Ministry city directorates.
  2. Individual athletes who are not connected to a club must apply to the provincial directorates of sports for licensing.
  3. Race will done as determining the best lap time on 16.06.2018 and  qualifications accorting to those times. On 17.06.2018 Sunday, Elimination and Finals will be done.
  4. UAV technical requirements and rankings is in the additional information.

Last application date and application types: 
Last application date is 16.06.2018 Saturday until 10:00 am. Applications will be taken at  and event area by the Referees.

Race Program: 
16.06.2018 – Saturday
09.00-09:30 Technical checks of the UAVs by the Referee Team
09:30-10:00 Information meeting by the Referee Team

10:00-15.00 Open Practice
15:00-19:00 Qualifying Rounds

17.06.2018 – Sunday
09.00-09:30 Technical Checks
09:30-10:00 Information meeting by the Referee Team
10:00-13:00 Open Practice
13:00-18:30 Eliminations and Final Race
18:30-19:00 Award Ceremony

1st place 1000 ₺ , 2nd place 750 ₺ , 3rd place 500 ₺ worth of Gift Coupons will be rewarded by Forum Istanbul.

Food / Catering :
The food needs of the competitors and referees, including 2 meals a day, will be met.

Accommodation will be covered by the competitors themselves.

Road expenses:
Pilots coming from outside Istanbul will be given 150tl per racer.

Race Zone:
Forum İstanbul / Kocatepe Mahallesi, Pasa Cd, 34045 Bayrampasa / Istanbul TURKEY

Application Fee:
No application fee needed to enter the race.

Name list of personnel in the race:
Organizasyon Officials: Can Tayfun, Ozge Dede, Cagri Baydemir
Staff: 60
Test Pilot: 1
Referee Team: Bekir Beker, Mustafa Guclu Cetinkol, Cem Berk Erilkun, Gurkan Turk


  1. Quadcopters used in the race has to be between 180 and 250mm.
  2. Maximum 127mm (5″) props (no minimum limit) and maximum 4S lipo (no minimum or maximum capacity limit) batteries can be used.
  3. All the quadcopters will be controlled by the racer with radio transmitters broadcasting at 800 Mhz to 2.5 Mhz and FPV goggles.
  4. All the quadcopters must have implemented the callsign of the racers on their OSDs for the referees to identify the racer and the craft. In the same time, all the pilots should use PAL system FPV cameras for the referees to record the flights in single standard.
  5. Analog SD and Digital HD video transmitters can be used. On all quadcopters, All crafts must have an video transmitter (VTX) that is strong and featured enough to be announced before the competition. For 5.8 Ghz SD VTX users; VTX should be transmitting from the Raceband, output signal should be adjustable, max output should be 25mw for indoors and 200mw for outdoors, and should be high quality vtx that can give proper signals. All video transmitters should be between this signal output ranges, pilots who can not provide this range technically can be disqualified by the referees.

    Pilots who will be using 5.8 Ghz HD systems must inform referees about this situtation at the application and has to present their gears to the referee team. During the competition, referees may change the signal frequiencies to increase trhe signal quality. Racers should set their signal frequencies whenever referees direct them to. Racers who cannot change frequencies in the given time will be disqualified.

  6. In the race area, except for the permitted zone, operating UAVs, flying or plugging batteries, especially the radio transmitter is forbidden and is a cause for disqualification . The space and facilities for the repair and maintenance of the competitors are provided by the organization. The final decision authority in this matter belongs to the referee committee.
  7. Referee team decides and announces the technical rules for the race and all the racers should obey those rules. They will run these rules and have the authority to disqualify the racers who doesnt obey those rules.
  8. All competitors, whenever desired, has to mount a color-changeable LED to their quadcopters (RGB) and should be able to adjust this LED color desired by the referees during the competition.

At the end of the qualifying rounds, the competitors score in the following way:

1st: 48 points
2nd: 40 points
3rd: 36 points
4th: 32 points

Semi Final losers: 24 points
Quarter Final losers: 16 points
First Round Losers: 8 points