Tech Drone League / TDL Drone Sports Club Association, which has a mission to expand and develop drone sports and technology in our country, is organizing “TDL United Drone Races” which will be composed of 10 universities, secondary education institutions and club teams during the 2018-2019 training period. (TDL United Drone Races) TDL United Drone Races was established to the purpose of training of technical staff members, team and pilots.

TDL Academy will provide various services to those who will participate in TDL United Drone Races. First of all, each school will receive a free 2-hour promotional seminar by TDL racing pilots. Participants who are interested will be given 30 hours FPV (First Person View) flight training again by TDL race pilots.

Pilot licenses will be awarded by the TDL Drone Sports Club Association to compete in the TDL United Drone Races for the three most successful participants in the program, which will include theoretical, practical, simulation and live flights. Licensed UDR racers will participate in the 10 UDR stages to be organized during the 2018-2019 season.

At the end of the season, the pilot will be entitled to participate in the league without qualifying rounds during the 2019-2020 TDL season. At the UDR, schools and teams will also compete in the team championship. At the end of the race, the 1st team will have the right to participate in the team championship without entering it next time. Students who wish to participate in the training program may participate if they wish and if their drones are eligible for the race.

For those who do not have materials, all drones and parts will be available at TDL Store at the most reasonable price. Pilot candidates will be able to practice on the tracks by coming to the Tech Drone League stage races until the beginning of the UDR during their training to increase their experience. The creation of the UDR teams and the provision of communication with schools will be coordinated by Turgut Ozay, the producer and brand owner of “Basariya Dogru”, which has been running for 12 years on CNN Turk.